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Welcome to Palliser Law Firm, your trusted partner in Menorca, and part of the established Menorca Advance Hub team. We provide specialized and personalized legal services, meeting the unique needs of non-resident property owners in Menorca.

From legal representation, immigration and property law, to estate management, let Palliser Law Firm be your trusted ally in safeguarding your interests and managing your property-related legal affairs on the island.

Founded in Menorca in 1999, Palliser Law Firm has a 25-year track record in real estate and town planning law.

Our multilingual team, proficient in six languages, ensures smooth and transparent legal processes for our diverse clientele.

Two decades of Specialized Service

Discover how we operate at Palliser Law Firm, integrating technology, transparency, and seamless communication to provide you with exceptional legal services.

Our Working Approach

At Palliser, we provide a personalized online platform that allows our clients to access their service status and documentation anytime, anywhere.

Our user-friendly interface ensures seamless management of your property and services, delivering transparency and convenience at your fingertips.

Palliser Cloud Services

An integral component of Menorca Advance Hub, Palliser Law Firm provides the essential legal support within this hub of specialized services for property owners in Menorca.

Our expertise seamlessly complements the diverse array of professional services offered, ensuring comprehensive legal assistance for non-resident property owners in Menorca.

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Integrating Legal Services in Menorca Advance Hub

Our suite of legal services

Property Transactions & Representation

Property Buying & Selling Representation: We specialize in representing our clients in the purchase or sale of properties, ensuring a secure, objective, and transparent process.

Property Legal Due Diligence: Comprehensive property checks to ensure all legal aspects are in order before a transaction.

Real Estate Contracts: Full assistance with drafting, reviewing, and understanding real estate contracts.

Dispute Resolution: We represent and assist you in settling property disputes and contractual issues.

Tax Advisory & Financial Services

Non-Resident Tax: Expert guidance on non-resident income tax, wealth tax, and other tax obligations in Spain.

Property Taxation: Professional advice on property-related taxes and duties.

Financial Planning: Strategic planning and advice tailored to your financial situation.

Spanish Tax Laws: Navigate the complexities of Spanish tax laws with our expert guidance.

Tourist Rental Regulations

Tourist Rental Licensing: We assist you in obtaining the necessary licenses for tourist rentals, helping you comply with local regulations.

Regulatory Compliance: Our team ensures that your property adheres to all the tourism regulations and standards in Spain.

Legal Advice for Tourist Rentals: Receive comprehensive legal advice to help you navigate the nuances of tourist rental laws.

Rental Contract Assistance: We offer full assistance with drafting, reviewing, and understanding rental contracts for tourist accommodations.

Construction and Renovation Legal Services

Building License Acquisition: Our experts guide you through the process of obtaining building permits for new constructions and renovations.

Construction Law Consultation: Receive professional legal advice on construction contracts, contractor agreements, and related regulations.

Compliance with Local Building Regulations: We ensure that your construction plans comply with all local building codes and regulations.

Property Development Legal Assistance: From drafting contracts to dispute resolution, we offer comprehensive legal services for property development.

Legal Support for Menorca Advance Service Hub

Integrated Collaboration: As an integral part of the Menorca Advance service hub, we provide seamless legal solutions for property owners.

Legal Support for Property Management: Within the service hub offered by Menorca Advance, we extend comprehensive legal assistance to property owners.

Legal Oversight for Tourist Rental: We navigate the legal intricacies of tourist rental services, a vital component of the Menorca Advance service hub.

Legal Backup for Networking & Collaboration: Our firm fortifies the collaborative efforts within the Menorca Advance service hub, offering dependable legal backup.

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Get in touch with us for more information about our services or for advice on your property in Menorca. We will respond to you as soon as possible and will be happy to assist you with whatever you need.